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The Largest Nationwide Settlement Organization

The UnionPay Online Payment(UPOP), offered by Pt Link, enables you to embrace UPOP to your website. We have been collaborating with thousands of local and overseas e-commerce merchants by delivering easy-to-reach online payment solution and extending their business profiles to the next level. Our UPOP solution allow your online sales settled in RMB.

Transaction Process

1.Choose UPOP 2.Provide UnionPay card credentials 3.Authorize Payment
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Customers place orders online and choose UPOP as payment method. Provide UnionPay card number, CVC Code etc. and authorize payment. Complete SMS authentication.

Application Process

1.Application 2.Approval 3.Integration
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Supply your company details in application form. Await approval by UnionPay, takes up to 7-14 working days. Acquire API and connect.

Ready for UnionPay ?

Pt Link are ready to provide all-around UnionPay payment solutions. Please feel free to fill in the form below to let us know your thought.